1. 24/04/2024

    The Comfort of Food

    By Bay Whitaker

    The Comfort of Food   These cold early spring days, I've been craving mashed potato!  I’m reminded of the important comforting properties of...

  2. 24/01/2024

    Book Review - Eight Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder by Carolyn Costin, Gwen Schubert Grabb, & Babette Rothschild

    By Alistair Thain

    Eight Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder is a self-help style book which supports the readers to help themselves with their eating disorder, bot...

  3. 23/11/2023

    Executive Dysfunction - Why Sometimes You Just Can’t!

    By Alistair Thain

    Ever get that feeling when you want to be doing something, or maybe even should to be doing something, and for whatever reason you just can't? You...

  4. 06/11/2023

    How can Low Cost Couples Counselling help us?

    By Gill Wier

    At Sheffield Central Counselling we recognise that some couples have been considering seeking support for some time but are unsure about committing to...

  5. 27/09/2023

    Befriending Your Anxiety - an Existential Perspective

    By Gill Wier

    On 23rd September 2023 I was in London for the BACP Private Practice Conference to engage with the topic of anxiety. The most inspiring point of the d...

  6. 25/09/2023

    What is Psychosexual Therapy

    By Diana Gibson

    Psychosexual Therapy is a talking therapy that addresses sexual problems that you have found are causing distress for you as an individual or with a p...

  7. 17/08/2023

    Best Summer Reads 2: Fiction

    By Bay Whitaker

    We asked our counsellors to recommend their favourite summer fiction: gripping yarns, rattling good tales and super escapist page-turners. Diana Gi...

  8. 04/08/2023

    Best Summer Reads 1: Non-Fiction

    By Bay Whitaker

    The summer holidays often provide us with the time to enjoy a good read, so we asked our counsellors to recommend books that are both enjoyable and th...

  9. 19/04/2023

    What is Discernment Counselling?

    By Gill Wier

    Developed by American therapist Bill Doherty, Discernment Counselling is a specific structured approach to help married couples who are on the brink o...

  10. 03/04/2023

    Dealing with Anxiety

    By Erin Loughery

    In the UK, anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders, with recent statistics stating that over 8 million people are experiencing an an...

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