What our clients say

‘Things are much better now, thank you. It helped enormously just to be able to unburden myself and get some perspective from someone else, so thank you!!! And we are putting some of your suggestions in place.’ April 2022

“Taz created a safe, non-judgemental space for me, where I could work out thoughts and behaviours that I didn't yet understand or hadn't felt safe verbalising elsewhere. It has really helped me to know myself better and be kinder to myself and more open with myself. I know I'll take what I've learned forward with me and am grateful for the time we worked together.” April 2022

“It has helped me reduce my anxiety and increased my confidence. I’ve been able to understand situations better and how to deal with them.” March 2022

Counselling has helped me to be able to cope with daily stressors and worries. It has made me calmer and also more confident in myself and my choices." February 2022 

“The sessions we had allowed me to look at a range of things that came up and notice patterns and ways in which i can try and make positive changes from here on in." January 2022

“It brought life back in our relationship and also boosted my assertiveness.” January 2022

“I feel like I took constructive steps towards breaking the self-destructive cycle I had been following. Counselling also helped me to understand my own thoughts, feelings, and needs better and consequently be less hard on myself in certain situations. I have refocussed and am working towards new, more attainable/specific goals in my personal life and also at work. I am enjoying my day-to-day more.” Deccember 2021

“Attending counselling has given myself and my partner the focused and dedicated space and time to communicate about things that otherwise might be painful on our own. Our relationship and communication has improved as a result of attending counselling, would highly recommend.” October 2021

“Counselling has helped me to clarify the problems I have been experiencing and has enabled me to identify the role I have been playing in my interactions with others. This has helped me to find more positive ways of helping others without being controlled by other people's anxieties and needs.”  October 2021

“It has increased my understanding of who I am and given me tools to deal with negative situations and relationships” September 2021

“The sessions have been times when I could reflect on how I have been - this has shown me my progress - like stepping stones.” July 2021

“I have always known that I needed some help from an early age and I decided to start counselling sessions. Bay was a fantastic councillor and it was great to be able to openly talk about things that I had bottled up for years. She used practical methods to help me to understand my thought processes of healing my inner child and after 5 sessions I felt much calmer, less tearful and able to make more positive relationships as my fear of abandonment has been controlled and understood through understanding my inner child.” July 2021

"Our counsellor gave us some amazing insight, and also some very useful tools to use when we found ourselves struggling to communicate. We were worried about doing the sessions on Zoom, we thought we'd feel uncomfortable and awkward, but she put us at ease immediately.” June 2021

“Words cannot really describe how much counselling has helped me. I have learned so much about myself and my relationships. Counselling has deeply affected my self-esteem, my relationship with myself which has positively impacted every other aspect of my life. Before I started counselling I really did not know how fundamentally transformative it would become. May 2021

“Time to (self) reflect; understand some of the issues faced more clearly; find some peace on some of the stuff I don't think I am likely to change.” April 2021

“Counselling saved my life. I wouldn't have made it to the end of the year without it.” January 2021

"...I have been able to make links between my childhood and adult relationships...that I hadn't made before. The beauty and difference in my having counselling has been in the silence, as opposed to necessarily what the counsellor did say. This has allowed space for me to think and make connections myself..." January 2021

"It was perfect. Understanding and flexible staff. Couldn't have asked for more” January 2021

“Counselling helped me learn to cope during an emotional time when I self-harmed and made myself sick in order to cope with a relationship breakdown. It was a safe and unbiased space and enabled me to be completely open and honest about how I was feeling. I also learned coping mechanisms which meant I no longer felt the need to harm myself.” January 2021

“It gave a forum to discuss sensitive issues in a safe space where we wouldn't argue and helped us better understand each others point of view.” January 2021

“I have learned and adopted various coping strategies. I have been signposted to reading material which has improved my knowledge and understanding of both my current situation and state of mind. I have been encouraged to be positive about myself. I have had thought provoking insight into why I feel the way I do, including an understanding of my own adverse childhood experiences.” January 2021

“I feel that being able to freely talk to the counsellor without fear of being judged and being open with her has relieved stress. Talking about my issues has helped me work through my thought process and given me ways to cope better if they arise again.” November 2020

“It has been a really good way to understand a bit more why I do things the way I do. It has also helped me cope with difficult situations better and to think clearly, the sessions have been really helpful and have helped me to move forward after a very difficult period.” October 2020

“Counselling was really necessary to manage the overwhelming emotions that have arisen from lockdown and related situations in my life. I was at a point where I needed quite specific things from therapy and the counsellor was very attentive to my needs. I feel like it has given me an increased understanding of things about my past… thanks so much, Sheffield Central Counselling has been very helpful and accommodating.” October 2020

“I needed help working out what I needed to do to feel better/progress. I now have a clear direction and know how and what I need to do to move forward.” September 2020

“I have understood that it is reasonable to feel the way I do about my problems and have come to terms with the things that are uncertain in my life and that there is no magic bullet fix. Healing will come with time and counselling has helped kickstart the healing process.” August 2020

“Professional, knowledgable , empathic and constructive. Still working through my issues but with just 2 sessions I've made massive progress, and feel in a better place to understand my own capabilities in how to resolve my situation, - no more self doubt and confusion cycle. Excellent, many thanks.” June 2020

“Thank you for all the support and advice you've given us throughout our sessions to date, it's been helpful and enjoyable talking to you.” May 2020

“Counselling has given me a safe space to share my feelings and thoughts which I had held tight for so long. Holding it all in had impacted me in a huge way, I had lost myself somewhat. I found it very challenging to open up but releasing it all, at my own pace, has made a big difference...It has assisted me to breath deeply, relax and find a better balance in my life again." April 2020

“It's given me a chance to talk through everything that had been a concern, to the point where all these issues have been addressed.” April 2020

“Counselling has helped me in many ways and it has been one of the most positive experiences of my life....counselling has taken me on a journey from repressed emotion and fear/anxiety to awareness of my attachments and family influence to a new perspective of boldness and boundaries....I have become an advocate for counselling in general and believe that it is one of the most significant investments to be made in your future self." March 2020


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