What our clients say

"Discussing my previous experiences has helped me understand myself and how it may be affecting me now better. Cannot recommend enough." June 2024

“It gave me somewhere to explore my feelings without judgement and then communicate these with my partner.” April 2024

“Through counselling I have been able to explore a difficult time in my life, get a better understanding of what happened and begin to come to terms with the impact it has had on me. Being listened to, accepted and encouraged to talk about how I feel has helped me begin to move forwards. Thank you for your help.” March 2024

“It has helped me become a healthier person and made me realise I am not a bad person. It made me stop thinking so negatively about things.” February 2024

"Counselling has helped me to reframe a fairly toxic relationship with a sibling into something where I am more in control." February 2024

“I feel much more confident setting boundaries and coping with my negative self thoughts, and have changed my relationship to my negative thoughts. I feel more confident saying no and being assertive.” January 2024

“Being able to talk things through with someone completely independent and who has not experienced the trauma of my sudden illness has been a massive help." January 2024

“I have greatly appreciated my time of counselling with Gill, it has been really helpful to deep dive into a number of issues that were current in my life but also historical. She was able to help me reflect quite clearly on those issues and give new language in facing and understanding the issues that affect me." November 2023

“It has helped shed light on a situation and made me clearer in my mind about the future of my relationship.” June 2023

“Counselling has helped me accept my limitations with long covid, and implement healthier measures to manage. Sessions and resources provided within the sessions have really helped me develop clearer thought processes and have a better understanding of myself and my relationships. Overall, I feel a general sense in wellbeing from attending counselling and am keen to implement measures learnt moving forward.” April 2023

“It has been a wonderful journey, and I am grateful for the confidence and courage that this experience has given me. It helped me soothe my inner tension and anxiety, and also helped me build confidence in my future life. At the end of the counselling, I recalled the state of entering the consultation room for the first time, and the contrast with this moment is very sharp.” March 2023

“We found counselling was a big help with our relationship in our marriage of more than 10 years. We had recently been going round in circles and repeatedly having the same arguments, but getting nowhere fast. Just having someone in the room to make sure we heard each other, and considered each other's feelings properly was a big help. After several weekly sessions we felt like we were back on the same team again. My first experience of counselling, but I would now consider it a valuable tool to come back to if I needed help with anything in the future.”        March 2023

“Counselling has helped me to understand my emotions and how to deal with them. I am now able to set clear boundaries in my personal and professional life & also know the next steps to take.” February 2023

“My counsellor has been kind and empathetic and skilled in listening. I never felt judged or criticised by her and I have felt able to express lots of difficult emotions safely. I trusted her and the process has been very healing for me. I feel I can now move on with my life and let the things we have talked about slip away into the background. I feel very thankful. She has enabled me to find joy again in life, rather than feeling weighted down. I am lighter in heart and spirit. Thank you very much indeed.” I was very grateful that I was able to be seen by a counsellor very promptly. It has been a fantastic service, allowing me to book appointments when I was available and fitting in with my diary which had limited availability. It's been a fantastic service.” November 2022

“Really helped us identify why we were communicating how we were and enabled us to recognise the pattern and communicate effectively to prevent arguments. We are much better connected and empathetic towards each other” October 2022

“Better understanding of partner's ways of doing things. Relieved some pressure by allowing a forum to communicate more openly. Counsellor v patient and helped us to find more empathy.” May 2022

‘Things are much better now, thank you. It helped enormously just to be able to unburden myself and get some perspective from someone else, so thank you!!! And we are putting some of your suggestions in place.’ April 2022

“Taz created a safe, non-judgemental space for me, where I could work out thoughts and behaviours that I didn't yet understand or hadn't felt safe verbalising elsewhere. It has really helped me to know myself better and be kinder to myself and more open with myself. I know I'll take what I've learned forward with me and am grateful for the time we worked together.” April 2022

“It has helped me reduce my anxiety and increased my confidence. I’ve been able to understand situations better and how to deal with them.” March 2022

Counselling has helped me to be able to cope with daily stressors and worries. It has made me calmer and also more confident in myself and my choices." February 2022 


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