What our clients say

“The sessions have helped so much!  I am a different person from when I started.” June 2018

“Reaching out for help in the first place was a big step for me as I have been having issues with negative thoughts and anxiety for almost two years and never did anything about it.  Recognising that I had a problem and that I wanted to make things better was a relief to me.  Counselling sessions have helped me find some time to reflect on the issues when I am in a calm mood which made me understand them better.” June 2018

“Good to express negative feelings in a safe, supportive place.  Feedback has helped me gain insight I didn’t have.  Has helped me recognise how I have improved.  Has helped me realise I need to live in the present.” June 2018

“The counselling has helped me process, think about and feel better about difficult life events.  I felt safe and supported talking about situations I found hard to talk about with family and friends.  It has helped me feel more able to cope in the future.” April 2018



“I feel more confident that my feelings matter.” May 2018

“Counselling brought me back to a place where I feel I can feasibly work on my problems rather than be overcome by them.” April 2018

“Helped me identify unhelpful thought patterns, personality traits and their sources and methods to try and change. I have become more accepting of myself and my flaws and mistakes.” April 2018

“Overall I have become a better person for myself.  I have learnt through counselling that life isn’t a never-ending battle with negative thoughts.  I am always thinking about the positive things in life.  I have found ways to cope around my depression and help lift my spirits.  Everyone has said I seem genuinely happy now and I feel this is through having counselling.” April 2018

“Couples counselling has enabled more effective communication and has led to more successful resolutions of disagreements.” February 2018

“We’ve become closer and able to communicate better.  We respect each other’s feelings more and are looking forward to becoming even closer to each other.” February 2018

“I feel like couples counselling has helped me talk about my problems with my partner and start the process of healing, at the same time knowing change is not going to happen overnight.  It has shown me a new way to deal with my emotions.” January 2018

“It has helped me understand how guilty I felt and I need to let go of that guilt to help the relationship move forward.  It has helped me understand what my partner needed from me." January 2018

“Counselling has helped me identify ways of dealing with worries and anxiety related to my job in particular” January 2018

“Couples counselling has helped me to understand my husband better and as a result to communicate with him more effectively.  It has had a positive effect in our day to day life and will continue to do so.  I feel comfortable and confident returning to counselling in the future as and when we feel we need the extra support to keep our marriage at the best it can be.” January 2018

“Couples counselling allowed us to communicate more and about subjects that we previously avoided.  Allowed us to see our relationship from another perspective and get an external and impartial voice on things.” January 2018

“Couples counselling has enabled me to hear my husband say things that he might not have voiced otherwise. It has also given me confidence to say what I think in front of my husband.” December  2017

“It has provided an excellent forum for open communication.  We have both been able to share honestly and freely.” December 2017

"...I have learnt to forgive those who have hurt me which has given me inner freedom to move forward with my life.  I no longer have dark thoughts of ending my life.  Feeling positive, confident and excited for life” December 2017

“I really think I have had a great opportunity - and used it – to have a proper look at myself and have acknowledged conversations I’ve started ages ago and never quite finished.  I would – and have – really recommend this to all.” December 2017

“Counselling helped more than I thought it would.  I feel brighter, lighter, happier and like myself again.  Feel positive to end the counselling for now but pleased that my counsellor has kept the door open.  Thank you very much!” November 2017

“Counselling helped me to straighten things out in my head, gave me someone to speak to who doesn’t otherwise have any investment in me, suggested new ways to tackle issues.” November 2017

“It has allowed me to feel free to talk about things I have always been afraid to say out loud.  Thank you for the non-judgemental approach – it has really helped me make some changes and also get closer to accepting myself” October 2017

“It has helped me communicate better and as a result have a deeper connection with my partner.” October 2017

“I have learnt how to be more honest with people around me and I have turned thoughts into actions.  Really pleased with the service. Would use it again.” October 2017

“Counselling helped me to deal with my relationship in a reasonable and healthy way, put my problems in perspective and helped me look at them in a new light.  It relieved a lot of the stress that I was feeling prior to attending the sessions.” October 2017


“It has made me feel much easier with myself and with my issues, I have found new ways to confront my issues and work on them.  Overall I feel much lighter, easier and happier.  I feel I got very experienced professional help from my counsellor.”  October 2017

“Counselling has given me a bit of distance from myself in the sense that I can understand better my behaviours. Before I think I couldn’t see the wood for the trees”. September 2017


“It’s given me the confidence to talk more freely about my problems and shown me how to deal with problems.  It’s given me more self-confidence and shown it’s OK to not be OK – there is help out there and it does work.” September 2017

“It has helped me to build a more solid identity and be more content with who I am.  It has helped to reduce my social anxiety and hence improved my daily functioning.” June 2017

“Couples counselling has helped me communicate my feelings and concerns about our relationship with my partner and helped us address them together.  We have improved our communications about our day to day and sexual issues.  As a consequence I feel happier and more confident in myself and our relationship.”  May 2017

“It’s been good to talk to someone but also to listen to my partner while she talked about her problems.  This is something we didn’t do at home but can now do much better.” May 2017

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