"Being listened to, accepted and encouraged to talk about how I feel has helped me begin to move forwards.” March 2024

Whether you’re feeling stressed about work, worried about your relationship or feeling low and depressed, we’re a team of professionals qualified in counselling and psychotherapy, and we can help.

We aim to make counselling accessible and offer sessions in the daytime and evenings. We offer both remote sessions and face to face sessions from our premises in Sheffield City Centre. Sessions last 50 minutes.  Our online booking and payment system allows you to view our counsellors' availability and book an appointment that works for you.

How does counselling work? This is what our clients say...  

"Counselling offered me a safe space where I felt no topic was out of bounds"  January 2024

Remote Counselling

All of our counsellors can speak to you either via telephone or video call (using Zoom or another online platform). Research shows that remote counselling methods are just as effective as face to face counselling and there are some benefits. There is no travel time and more flexibility about when and where you speak to the counsellor. Speaking from the comfort of your own home can help you to feel safer and able to open up to the counsellor more easily.

Bear in mind that you will need a quiet and confidential space where others can’t overhear what you are saying. Video calls work best when you have a strong, secure internet connection. Video allows you to see each other and you may feel this helps you to build a relationship with the counsellor more quickly. Telephone sessions have the benefit of needing no new technology and it may be easier to find a private place to speak over the phone.

Face to Face Counselling

We offer face to face sessions at Courtwood House in Sheffield City Centre - you can check availability of face to face sessions on our calendar by clicking Book An Appointment. Please note that some of our counsellors only offer remote sessions - you can check which by looking at the icons next to their names on the team page.

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