Alistair Thain

My main drive as a counsellor is to offer people the space they need to simply be themselves and understand what is going on for them, be that big or small. I aim to provide a safe, judgement free space where troubles can be explored and people can be understood. I have worked with people experiencing a wealth of different issues such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, self-harm, rape, sexual assault, abuse, stress, and much more. All sorts of aspects of life can impact each of us differently, my aim is to provide the space where that impact can be explored and understood. I have enjoyed working with autistic people in my previous roles and I am passionate about making counselling accessible to those who are neurodivergent.

My Approach

My work and life experiences have taught me that often we can find life overwhelming for a variety of reasons, be that something big, lots of little stressors which have all added up, or an experience or memory from our past that won't leave our mind. Whatever the stressor happens to be, taking the time to explore and understand it is a step towards easing the stress it brings. I aim to offer the space and time to explore any of life’s stressors.

On a more technical note, my approach is an integrative way of working, which means I have trained in a variety of approaches and will adapt my way of working to best suit the individual I am working with. My core approach is Person-Centred, so you will experience me listening carefully, supportively, and non-judgementally in order to best understand your experience from your perspective. I reflect these observations back to you, to help enable you to understand and begin to make sense of all that has brought us together.

Where it all started

I always found myself as somebody who people could talk to, but it was not until I was at university when a friend reflected back to me the impact for them of being listened to without somebody trying to "fix" them. From this point, I sought training and experience in working with people. I worked for many years in the mental health sector, working one-to-one with people to help them with the struggles of daily life. From there I trained as a counsellor, gaining the skills and experiences I have today. I continue to seek opportunities, and training, to understand and help people better.


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