Judith Caul

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During my training, I worked as a counsellor for South Yorkshire Police, dealing with such issues as: depression, anger, trauma and work-related stress. I then provided counselling services to the NHS, helping a wide range of clients. More recently, in addition to my private work, I was as an affiliate counsellor for Health Assured, a leading employee assistance provider. This gave me valuable experience of working using a more short-term, focused approach.

My approach

Often, people do not readily like themselves and I believe that the counselling relationship can play an important role in building self-acceptance. My aim is to provide a safe, open and trusting environment where individuals can gain personal insight and develop greater resilience to deal with life’s challenges.

I use an integration of Person-Centred therapy with interventions from a variety of approaches, depending on an individual’s needs. I like to work collaboratively with clients on establishing goals, so that they feel fully involved in the process. I also promote self-help whenever possible, so that clients can develop long-term coping strategies that work for them. After recent Mindfulness training, I am increasingly incorporating some of these techniques into my client work.

Where it all started 

Working in newspaper sales, I found that what I enjoyed most about the job was listening to clients, trying to understand their point of view. I decided to re-train and make a career out of listening!

“I could not have reached this point in my recovery without Judith’s help.  I’m grateful and honoured to have had her support on my journey back to a happier life.  Thank you Judith.” 

“Speaking with Judith has helped me accept that worrying is OK and I have learnt ways to manage the worries.  I now have a more positive attitude and thoughts.” 

“Judith has helped me to explore and come to terms with traumatic aspects of my childhood and how this has impacted me as an adult.  I feel more at peace now..."


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