Judith Caul

I have over 15 years’ experience of helping people in a variety of settings, including: South Yorkshire Police, the NHS and most recently, private practice. I can work with a wide range of issues, including: grief and bereavement, major life changes, depression and low-mood, stress and anxiety, relationship difficulties and childhood issues. I am happy to work with individuals over a long-term period or in a more short-term, solution-focused way.

My approach

My core training was in Person-Centred counselling and I believe that this approach, with its focus on building a non-judgemental and trusting relationship, can help the client to develop greater self-acceptance and insight to deal with life’s challenges. I am also comfortable integrating other therapeutic techniques, if I feel that they would be of benefit. Through my regular practise of yoga, I have come to consider it vital to work with an awareness of how the mind and body are connected and so I often use mindfulness, breathing and relaxation exercises with clients. Other current areas of interest for me are developing the use of bibliotherapy (the therapeutic use of fiction and non-fiction books) in my client work and exploring the impact of the climate emergency on mental wellbeing.

Where it all started

Handling UK and international sales for a newspaper, I found that what I enjoyed most about the job was building relationships with my clients by listening to their concerns, so that I could better understand their point of view. I decided to re-train and make a career out of listening!

“I could not have reached this point in my recovery without Judith’s help.  I’m grateful and honoured to have had her support on my journey back to a happier life.  Thank you Judith.” 

“Speaking with Judith has helped me accept that worrying is OK and I have learnt ways to manage the worries.  I now have a more positive attitude and thoughts.” 

“Judith has helped me to explore and come to terms with traumatic aspects of my childhood and how this has impacted me as an adult.  I feel more at peace now..."


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