Kate Uwins

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After years of experience working with people, I am a firm believer that everyone has something unique to offer and deserves to be heard. I am passionate about encouraging body positivity and fighting against prejudices and stereotypes. In my counselling work, I aim to enable people to speak their truth and say the things that matter to them.

Nature connection is extremely important to me personally and the natural world has always been a therapy space for my personal growth.

My approach

Everyone is beautifully unique; I work in a way that respects and values that uniqueness. My training is person-centred, which means my work is client led. I will follow you to work with what is important to you. I have faith in each person to find their own resilience, strengths and answers; I am here to be by your side on this journey. Person-centred counselling is joint work between client and counsellor to enable clients to find their own way through life’s difficulties.

I offer a space where you can be heard, trusted and accepted as you are, as the individual that you are. This space is confidential and non-judgemental, where you can share anything that is bothering you. I offer you a space to share your burdens, where together, we can safely unpack the things that you have experienced and the feelings that you have.

Where it all began

My counselling journey began in wild, natural places. Through my love of the natural world and spending time outdoors, I learnt to accept myself and learnt how to take care of myself. This connection to nature reminds me that I am part of something bigger than me and it has got me through some dark times. I was drawn to using this connection to support others in finding purpose and pleasure in life, and I was drawn to the person-centred approach due to its focus on connection and genuineness.

Person-centred theory resonated with me as there is an emphasis on tapping into our true nature and creating a genuine relationship. I believe that finding a true connection in the world is integral to our wellbeing, whether that be through nature, people, art, religion, community or any other way, and I endeavour to help others find their connection to what matters to them.

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