Ellie Pollard

I offer a reliable, trustworthy and flexible counselling service, specialising in relational thinking. I aim to create a safe environment for clients to share their concerns without judgement. As an integrative therapist I can offer a variety of approaches to support couples and individuals.

My Approach

Understanding how and why we connect with others is vital. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of others or feeling isolated, I can help you to prioritise what’s important.  I’m trained in multiple therapeutic approaches and can tailor my approach to your needs rather than focusing on one technique. I can combine person-centred, solution focused and systemic therapy techniques along with mindfulness strategies.  I specialise in working with couples to improve their communication acting as a neutral third party supporting you both equally. I am experienced at working with numerous issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, work-related stress, self-esteem, and relationship difficulties. I also have knowledge and experience of ADHD and can support individuals and couples to navigate additional challenges they may face. 

Where It All Started

I trained as a counsellor after a long career in the corporate world to follow a path where I can help people to adapt and overcome adversity.  I understand the value of effective communication, listening and that we all need support at times.

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