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What our clients say

"Counselling with Fiona helped me to listen to my emotions, process my thoughts more clearly and to understand the effects situations in the past have had on me"  January 2017

"I now understand my thoughts and emotions better.  I feel much more able to cope with anger.  I also have been able to identify different styles of anxiety and how to cope with them.|" November 2016

"Counselling has helped me to come up with strategies to cope with anxiety.  It has helped me to think of things in a new and different way.  I will continue to work on some of the thought processes we have started."  October 2016

"I have developed the ability to self reflect better.  Counselling gave me a chance to express things that were rolling about in my head for so lng and to not be judged.  I feel like it is okay to be me." September 2016

"It helped sharing my life with another person outside my family and friends.  And it heped having to think about how I felt with well chosen words, and questions to be aware of how I am feeling."  September 2016

“Couples counselling has helped me identify unresolved issues and understand my partner more.  We are able to deal with conflict better” August 2016

“Allowed us to talk much more openly – reduced levels of arguing and anxiety about falling out.” August 2016

“Counselling has helped me understand how to improve my relationships.” August 2016

“Having someone to listen to me every week was very helpful, both because it provided a safe environment in which I was not judged and because it helped me understand my problems better.” August 2016 

“Couples counselling offered a great way of being able to understand how both my partner and I think and deal with different situations.  Allowed a better and clearer view of each others’ needs and desires for what makes a good relationship.” August 2016

“It has been helpful to discuss our relationship in a calm neutral environment.  I have learned about what my partner’s behaviour means and why he reacts in certain ways. I have also learnt a lot about myself.  We have learned how to interpret each other and how to change our behaviour.  We are much happier and stronger together and have just got engaged!” August 2016

“I’ve found myself! I‘d spent a lot of time defining myself through others and I’ve finally worked out who I am.  I like me a lot more.” July 2016

“Counselling has helped me come to terms with several of my demons that before seemed almost impossible to cope with.” June 2016

"Counselling has helped me to use different ways of seeing issues, such as using mindfulness.  And it has helped seeing how past events in my life have influenced the way I behave."  June 2016

It has helped me realise what was the cause of my anxiety and depression, helped me be more open with my husband and family, made me realise I can ask for help without being judged or perceived to be weak.” June 2016

It has allowed me to become more reflective in how I deal with negative and traumatic things. This has enabled me to engage in higher levels of self-care” May 2016

Counselling helped me gain knowledge and understanding of anxiety and find ways to calm myself down. It’s help me to reflect on what is going on with me rather than being totally caught up in anxiety.” April 2016

Counselling has offered a vital space to share my secrets about a difficult experience – thoughts that others wouldn’t be able to hear or understand.  Having a safe space to explore my thoughts has been absolutely vital in helping me recover from this traumatic time.” March 2016

"I feel much calmer, happier and lighter, as if a weight has been lifted.  I feel like I know myself better and this will help dealing with situations that may arise in the future.”               Feb 2016

“Counselling has helped me to overcome painful experiences, reconnect with myself and improve my relationships.  Having a space to reflect and make links has been invaluable.”  Jan 2016

“It has helped me to understand new ways to cope with my anxiety and I have put them into practice over the last few weeks and have noticed a change.  I can now travel to work without feeling like I can’t go in because of my anxiety".  Dec 2015

“I was very reluctant to come to couples counselling but it has helped me so much.  Me and my wife are much happier and talk much more than before.” October 2015

“ I was so riddled with anxiety when I started counselling that I could never imagine being free of it.  But I am now at a place where it doesn’t have power over me like it did before.” September 2015