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There are many different reasons why you may want to come for counselling and make positive change in your life. You might be really struggling or simply want someone outside your circle of family and friends to talk to, either way, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a safe and confidential space to discuss whatever’s on your mind and develop ways of coping. Whether you’re feeling stressed about work, your relationship or feeling low and depressed, we’re a team of seven professionals qualified in counselling and psychotherapy, and we can help. How does counselling help?  This is what our clients say....

We open to suit you with appointments available daytime, evening and lunchtime, Monday to Saturday. We want our clients to be able to see us as soon as possible. Your first appointment is normally no more than one to two weeks after your first enquiry. 

To find out more or book an appointment: Phone: 0114 326 0043 or 07504492224 

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or complete our contact form

Find us: We’re central and easy to find at Courtwood House near the Sheffield Cathedral. 

Price: Visit How much will it cost? for our straightforward approach to fees.

  • "I'm happier and more comfortable with myself now, than I have ever been"  August 2016

  • "Couples counselling helped me understand my partner more.  We are able to deal with conflict better."  August 2016

  • "Having a safe space to explore my thoughts has been absolutely vital in helping me recover from this traumatic time” March 2016

  • Counselling has helped me come to terms with several of my demons that before seemed almost impossible to cope with.” June 2016

  • I’ve found myself! I‘d spent a lot of time defining myself through others and I’ve finally worked out who I am.  I like me a lot more.” July 2016

  • "We are much happier and stronger together and have just got engaged!" August 2016

  • "I have developed the ability to self reflect better.  Counselling gave me a chance to express things that were rolling about in my head for so lng and to not be judged.  I feel like it is okay to be me." September 2016

  • “I feel much calmer, happier and lighter, like a weight has been lifted." Feb 2016