Taz Pasha

Taz is our Counsellor-in-Training offering low cost counselling.Taz is not taking any new clients at the moment.

I’m currently training towards a Professional Diploma in Integrated Counselling and Psychotherapy.  I have worked for a number of years in education and have had significant experience.  I have now decided to change my career direction and focus my attention on my real passion, to help others realise their potential.

My Approach

I’m training to be an Integrative Counsellor, combined with Person Centred Approach. This approach allows individuals to be at the core of their own therapy and make their own goals.

I offer a safe environment to openly discuss concerns or issues.  As human beings we want to and are capable of realizing our potential. We are in the process of development and are continuously changing in order to establish regrowth.

We all live in a diverse society and we all have our unique differences. I’m aware and accepting of these differences. I strongly believe that no matter the difference in age, gender, race, religion, ability, sexuality or social class, everyone should be treated with respect, dignity, justice and equality. I come from a diverse background myself and speak two other languages, Urdu and Punjabi.

Where it all started

From a young age I regularly offered people a place to confide their issues and explore their options.  Later on, I started to recognize and accept my more caring side.  I felt a need to change careers in order for me to develop myself. I use my caring and accepting qualities to listen to anyone who needs a safe place to sort out their priorities and deal with emotions that they haven’t been able to deal with on their own, in order to go forward in life.

"Taz has been very supportive and sessions were structured to cater to what was best suited for me. Counselling has changed how I live my life and for that I am very grateful.” 


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