Sarah Corrigan

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As well as working at Sheffield Central Counselling, I have experience as a counsellor in various other settings including a drug and alcohol service, GP surgeries, a counselling service for NHS staff, a charity for those experiencing domestic abuse, and CRUSE bereavement service.  

I work with adults on a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, anger, depression,addictions, work-related stress, relationship problems and low self-esteem.  

My approach

As a person-centred and integrative counsellor I have a holistic and flexible approach tailored to each individual’s needs. Together we can decide what is most likely to help you get what you want from counselling.

I use elements of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, such as exploring our unhelpful thoughts and core beliefs, and how these affect our choices and behaviour. 

I have a particular interest in mind-body connections and how stress and trauma can affect us physically as well as emotionally.

Where it all started 

I have always been interested in people and what makes us think and behave in certain ways. Throughout my career I have worked in various roles supporting people, and I am passionate about peoples’ potential to change and overcome adversity. I trained as a counsellor because I wanted to learn how to help people deal with issues that were keeping them stuck and unhappy. 

“Sarah has helped me develop a healthier, happier relationship with myself.  She has enabled me to talk about trauma in a way I feel comfortable with.  I feel better prepared for managing day to day life as a result of my sessions.” 

"Counselling with Sarah has helped me to see my problems more clearly, and given me strategies to employ to address my problems.  It made me see the importance of talking about my feelings and issues that are on my mind"

"Counselling has helped me to take back control of my own life and let go of my negative beliefs about myself.  I feel more able to trust my instincts and focus on positives in the present moment"


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