Debjani Chatterjee

Debjani is offering video, telephone and some face to face appointments

I promote clients’ wellbeing and resilience, and help them recognise and fulfil their potential. After years of mentoring in the voluntary sector, and psycho-education in the NHS, I became a Counsellor and Creative Arts Therapist. I am keen to help with identity issues, whether relating to migration, body image, gender, race or culture. I also see the fostering of strong and healthy relationships to be essential, at work and in personal life.

My training was in both 1-1 and group counselling and art psychotherapy, with clients presenting with trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, phobias, dementia, psychoses and addictions. I have run therapeutic arts workshops for clients, and supported students who felt stressed by exams, workload, and bullying. As a Psycho-Education Tutor, I supported clients during recovery, mainly through relaxation, self-help techniques, mindfulness, colour therapy, the benefits of healthy nutrition, and creative arts, e.g. origami and poetry.

My approach

I offer a traditional talking therapy, or diverse arts therapies, depending on clients’ needs and wishes. I draw on yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness, Eastern philosophies, behaviourism and existentialism. My clients come first – therapies are consequential. My inclination and professional training lead me to take a holistic, integrative and person-centred approach. I help clients to gain insight through a confidential, non-judgemental and compassionate service. By facilitating trust and partnership, we mutually agree on goals, and the processes to reach them.

I can offer counselling in English, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu.

Where it all started 

I grew up in many lands. People everywhere are fascinating, and I have had a lifelong interest in gaining and sharing knowledge in pursuit of happiness. I believe we are all connected; my contentment requires that of others. Voluntary work has always been important: with refugees, immigrants, the bereaved, and survivors of sexual abuse and life-threatening conditions. Through the Healing Word, which I founded, I support cancer survivors and carers; using writing, reading and storytelling. I have worked locally as a Health Champion, and nationally with Survivors Poetry. I taught in schools, universities and the WEA, and was a Community Relations Director. I am an award-winning writer. I returned to university as a mature student to formalise my counselling and arts psychotherapy studies.

“[Counselling] had the intended result....Thank you very much for your help with this matter. I am not usually the sort of person who would seek the services of a counsellor, but I am glad I did so on this occasion, as it did help me. Once again many thanks.” January 2020


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