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Our Relationship Foundations course for couples has been developed by our couples counsellors Gill Wier and Sarah Saatzer. We have put together some of our insights which we have gathered over the years as to ways to strengthen and consolidate a relationship and to help avoid the pitfalls and downward spirals which some relationships can run into.

Venue: Sessions currently being delivered via Zoom

Costs: Price - £300 for five 90 minute sessions

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This course is a opportunity for you to invest in your relationship by taking time to learn new skills and reflect together on what you want from each other both now and in the future.  A relationship doesn’t just happen on its own, it needs time, investment, work, commitment and a spattering of knowledge and wisdoms. This course will give you some practical tools to help you lay strong foundations for your relationship. We will help you develop your skills of effective listening and conflict resolution and provide the opportunity to discuss your expectations of your relationship at different life stages. 

Who is this course suitable for? This course is for couples who want to build strong foundations for their relationship. It may be especially helpful for couples who are at a formative or transitional stage in their relationship such as

  • preparing for marriage
  • planning to move in together
  • about to start a family
  • beginning a different phase of life as your children leave home.  

How is the course different from counselling? While counselling allows you time and space to explore issues in your relationship the Foundations course will be more structured and directive with a mixture of input from the trainer and opportunities for discussion with your partner.  If you feel that your relationship is in crisis we would recommend having couples counselling first, with the option of taking the course as follow up support once you are in a more stable position.  If you’re not sure if this is the right course for you, just give Gill a ring on 0750449224 to talk it through.

What does the course involve?  You and your partner will meet with one of our trained and experienced couples counsellors weekly or fortnightly for five 90 minute sessions.  These can be arranged to suit you during daytimes, evenings or weekends.  We will invite you to complete a pre-course questionnaire so that we can learn a bit about you before the course.  This will enable us to tailor the sessions specifically to the needs of your relationship, life stage and situation. There will be some tasks for you to complete together in between sessions so that you gain the maximum benefit from the course.

How much does it cost?  £300 for five 90 minute sessions, payable in advance by bank transfer.

Feedback from course participants

"We both found the sessions useful and enlightening, and we felt very confident in your wisdom and expertise.  Thank you very much !​"

"Sarah was aware of our interest in focus on communication, and took steps to include plenty of communication skills practice as a structure for the sessions.  This was very useful...I felt I was the beneficiary of considerable experience, knowledge and wisdom.  Sarah shone a light of clarity on what for me are usually shadowy areas".

"The course has provided us with a safe environment to talk honestly about how we can establish better habits in our relationship which will ensure that we remain happy in the future".


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