Exploring the Intimate and Sexual Relationships of Older Adults

30/03/2020 10.00am - 12.30pm

The aim of this half-day workshop is to raise awareness of the issues that can affect women and men aged 50 and older with regard to their romantic relationships.

Venue: Sheffield Central Counselling, Courtwood House, Silver Street Head, Sheffield S1 2DD

Costs: To support Sheffield as an Age Friendly City, this workshop is being offered for FREE

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We know that social connections and relationships are important to health and well-being.
Now, more than ever, adults are forming new relationships in their later years.  Sheffield University has been studying this topic for over a decade, with the aim of educating professionals to support older adults with respect to their intimate relationships: a subject too easily glossed over and ignored.
Older adults can experience a number of challenges with regard to their intimate and sexual relationships.
Sexually transmitted infections in the over 50s are increasing. Recent figures from Public Health England show that diagnoses of some infections have gone up by 500%
Sexual difficulties are more likely to be experienced from age 50 due to chronic health conditions, medicines, and general ageing.
These topics are rarely talked about, as such there is a lack of awareness which can interfere with the support offered to older adults.
We will explore the following questions:
1. What do we know about the relationships and intimacy of older adults?
2. What support do older adults need?
3. How does ageism affect the services we provide?
4. Can we change the way we work so that older people get the support they want?
A second, more focussed workshop may be offered if there appears to be demand for it.

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