Low Cost Couples Counselling

Posted 12th of November 2020 by Ellie Pollard

We are now offering Low Cost Couples Counselling with our counsellor-in-training Ellie Pollard. If you are facing difficulties in your relationship and are on a low income (£12,000 per year or less) this could be the service for you.  But why have couples counselling?  Many couples come when their relationship is in crisis due to an affair or betrayal, because they have drifted apart or because they can’t stop arguing.  But couples counselling can also be useful for any couple who are seeking to build good foundations for their relationship, adapt to a new situation or improve their communication. Ellie says:

 “Couples therapy isn’t just limited to deflecting or solving problems; it also promotes closeness and intimacy in a partnership and helps enrich our lives by aiding the development of friendship and ways to show affection. It’s all too easy to fall into patterns of communication and behaviour that leave us or our partner feeling undervalued or not appreciated by the other.  I provide an opportunity to work through relationship challenges within a structured environment helping your growth as a couple.  I provide a neutral setting for you to explore changes that enhance your relationship, promote closeness and improve your communication.  With a willingness to change our attitudes and behaviour, it is possible to make positive changes in a short period of time.”

We welcome people of all sexualities and circumstances including heterosexual couples, gay and lesbian couples, those who are married or co-habiting or not living together as well as couples who are considering separation or divorce but want to retain a workable relationship, for example as parents after separation.  The couples counselling model can also be used for any pair or people wanting to explore and improve their relationship, for example, a mother and daughter or father and son.

If you are interested in making an appointment for Low Cost Couples Counselling please email info@sheffieldcentralcounselling.co.uk or ring Gill on 07504492224.  She will conduct a short telephone assessment with both you and your partner to check that this service is suitable for you.  

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