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Someone to listen just when I needed

Why I came for counselling

I contacted the service because I was feeling very upset and confused.  I had just learned that my best friend's marriage was in trouble, and this had brought up a lot of difficult feelings from my own childhood and my parent's break up.  Because of work and holiday commitments, I knew I would not be able to come to counselling for very long, and the counsellor agreed to do some short term work targetted at helping me understand and let go of some of my difficult feelings.  

How counselling helped

The sessions just involved us talking, and the counsellor asked some questions that I hadn't thought about before.  The counsellor also made some suggestions for ways to manage the relationship with my friend, so that I could still be there for her, without letting my own difficult emotions get in the way.  I found the sessions extremely helpful and would definitely recommend others to try counselling."