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Your stories

Below you can find out how counselling has helped our service users make positive change in their lives. Or read what our clients say for the latest feedback on our service.

Building Better Relationships

"I was feeling really low after splitting up with my partner and decided I needed to speak to a counsellor...My counselling helped me to explore my expectations and beliefs about relationships and to identify things I could try doing differently..."

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Making Positive Change at Work

Counselling can be a turning point in helping people at work as well as in their personal lives. A happier, healthier workforce is also a more productive one. A number of employers in Sheffield make use of our service by funding their...

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How I learned to cope with my emotions

"When I first came for counselling I was feeling overwhelmed and burned out. Life seemed like a struggle and had done for a long time. I came for counselling feeling desperate and needing help to cope better with my work and relationships".

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A Fresh Start to our Relationship

"We decided to try couples counselling because we both realised our marriage was in trouble and we needed to do something about it. We had drifted apart and felt more like housemates than husband and wife."

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Helping Sheffield People Back to Work

Over a period of eight months we provided counselling services for Opportunity Sheffield. This was a Sheffield City Council project to support a range of employers in Sheffield including SMEs and charities to develop their workforces. 

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Paving the way to a Stronger Marriage

"We came for couples counselling to strengthen our relationship in the months leading up to our wedding day. We were both feeling insecure in the relationship because of the arguments we were having."

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Someone to listen just when I needed

"I contacted the service because I was feeling very upset and confused...I found the sessions extremely helpful and would definitely recommend others to try counselling".

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Understanding the Past to make a Positive Future

"During the time I came to counselling I became more aware of myself and how my way of thinking was affecting my behaviour...I can say now I feel more calm, confident and happy than when I began.."

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